Development and Design

Providing one-stop solutions

In the contract development and EMS market "Japan's Best Technology Union" Rita Electronics, Inc.
We will form a strategic business alliance.

○Business image

◆ One-stop solution
◆ Conduct prior research on high speed and sophistication of products and standards
◆ Development of technologies and services to meet the increasingly complex customer's challenges

Workflow from development to manufacturing

In order to meet all the needs of our customers, we have built a total and optimal development process.
We also flexibly respond to your needs from any stage of the development process.

【FPGA and hardware design】
【Software Design】
【Structural Design】

We propose human resources and technical value according to the customer's request.


List of technologies
We respond to your requirements through the following technologies:


●Team dispatch
By serving as a team leader and performing the job, you will be able to respond to a cohesive task. It also reduces the load on your dispatcher management.
We will always increase customer satisfaction by repeating the training process in accordance with the business system program.