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Systec's Attitude - The Vision of Small Giants -

When we founded our company in 1974, we started with no customers, no funds, no human resources.
We all of our employees work hard to improve their skills, gain the trust of their customers, and be able to do big jobs, and build our current business development and corporate scale. this is a result of our efforts without changing our attitude.

Our basic attitude is here.
No matter how small the job may be, we have been working with the spirit of responding to the needs of our customers by carefully working hard, and we will expand our transactions with the trust of our customers. We were also able to accumulate new know-how within the company and enhance our technical capabilities.
And this attitude will not change in the future.

In addition, although the company started out as a six-tatami house, we wanted to make it a company that would be smaller than it was at the time of its founding, and we have been advocating the means of management called "Small Giants".

Even in times of change, we must continue to grow our employees and businessby constantly devising, refining our technology, and responding to the needs of our customers and markets with technology that can be used worldwide.

Future Developments - "YES WE CAN" Opportunity to Leap Forward

The Company is based on three businesses: contract development business, engineer dispatch business, and in-house product development business. Supporting our business is hardware design technology based on electronics, software design technology, LSI design technology, and manufacturing technology.

What we are focusing on now is to improve the expertise of these businesses. By assembling the philosophy and organization of each division more flexibly to meet the business potential and customer needs, we will realize further speed response and cost reduction.

The Direction To Go - "Happiness in Terms of Mind(Happiness)Realization of creative companies

There are three directions that we should aim for:
1. Contribution to the industry through the development of engineers
We will continue to expand the hiring of engineers.
In addition to acquiring technology and knowledge, we will share our basic stance of "working hard for our customers" and our philosophy of making things, and focus on the development of excellent engineers.
They aim to contribute to the industry by developing new technologies and building collaborative businesses with companies.

2. Contribution to the environment through the use of natural energy
We believe that it is our mission to build an environmental business using natural energy, including wind power technology, which has already begun to develop.
In particular, micromini wind turbines that do not require significant investment in the introduction side are underway as strategic products with wide spread potential, such as home and urban development.

3. Contributing to customers who develop accumulated core technologies
Including the above, we have the core technology of electronics accumulated so far.
We will continue to invest in research and development to speed up technology improvement.
In the end, we will create a business or organization in which these initiatives are returned to the interests of our customers.

by heading in these directions, weシステックwe believe that we can become a company that inspires our customers. We will grow into a company that can contribute to customers, shareholders, and local communities based on our management philosophy of "realizing a creative company that is both physically and mentally happy."

Company Profile
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