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MECHATROLINK-Compatible Products


High-speed communication control IP, communication board, and evaluation environment for industrial equipment and robot control

Communication board and evaluation environment can also be customized in various types.

Proposal of slave device evaluation environment by PC
From the MECHATROLINK Association,SY-M3-01MechaTROLINK Certification Test Support software for Slave, a software environment that uses to test slave devices. (CSS below)Has been released.

The combination of CSS and SY-M3-01 makes it easy to build a test environment that accesses slave equipment from a PC. Evaluation of SYM3S-S installed in SY-M3-04, sym3A-S and SY-AN as well-05 slave environment evaluation is possible.

CSS isMECHATROLINK Associationcan be downloaded from the home page of

For industrial control systemsReal-time OSで、Micronet Co., Ltd.will be sold from the like.
For more information on INtime, seeThis way.

It is an open-field network mainly for industrial equipment and is a communication standard of up to 100Mbit/sec with Ethernet as a physical layer. High-speed cyclic and high-capacity message communication scan ensures synchronization with up to 62 slaves.

Systec is an organization consisting of MECHATROLINK product development members and MECHATROLINK users established to spread MECHATROLINK to the world. We are a general member of the Motion Field Network MECHATROLINK Family, and propose and examine systems using pCs.PC Technical Committeewe are also participating in the

High-speed communication board, FPGA evaluation environment

Communication board and evaluation environment can also be customized in various types.

Original IP lineup

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